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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Arts & Culture Commission Boards and CommissionsCouncil Chambers  
Charter Commission Boards and CommissionsCouncil Chambers  
City Council Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers7 
Economic Development Authority Boards and Commissions 7 
Environmental Quality Commission Boards and Commissions 6 
Heritage Preservation Commission Boards and Commissions 5 
Hospital Board Boards and Commissions   
Housing & Redevelopment Authority Boards and Commissions 2 
Human Rights Commission Boards and Commissions   
Library Board Boards and Commissions   
Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alcohol & Drug Use Boards and Commissions   
Mayor’s Youth Council Boards and Commissions   
Northfield Area Fire & Rescue Services Joint Powers Board Boards and Commissions   
Park & Recreation Advisory Board Boards and Commissions 7 
Planning Commission Planning CommissionCouncil Chambers6 
Rental Housing Board of Appeals Boards and Commissions   
Riverfront Enhancement Advisory Committee Boards and Commissions 10 
Zoning Board of Appeals Boards and Commissions 6